look out china - worldsystemA

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the first daughter cometh

katie - can i take a picture of you

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spaces for the soul - worldsystemA

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when asked to verbalise his intent -:

"Well, make god appear in the middle of a field."

rosie watched this at my suggestion. my father forced the medical option but i am not guilty of pushing architecture on my children

sajjad's 58th party

i was not at my party (image from karo)

drank too much special brew and blackcurrant before going to the astor and ended up being overcome

it was disgraceful and i hurt everyone and damaged everything

i think its a cry for attention and help myself

apologies to everyone, mea culpa

on anarchism

chomsky's latest could be the first entry of an accession blog or face book group for the goobs

he quotes rudolf rocker

"Anarchism not as a fixed self enclosed social system with a fixed answer to all the multifarious questions and problems of human life but rather as a definite trend in the historic development of mankind which strives for the free unhindered unfolding of all the individual and social forces in life"

door furniture

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." Rumi

it took a spanner, four screwdrivers and a modicum of skill as the screws that held the numbers are an inch long

waiting for belle - worldsystemA

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my smoking is presently out of my control

which does not mean that it will not be under control momentarily

surprised by belle yesterday as rose was leaving, i am loving her company. proximity in the human realm

we harvested the purple brocolli together far too quickly as belle needed to revise whilst listening to italian pop music


my photoshop skilz return as a book plate becomes an invitation

the old shed window - worldsystemA

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shed window

have had the glass for a few years and the frame was from the original bathroom mirror

should have got to it a couple of years ago when the window was more beautiful

starting worldsystemA as a religion at the front door after paul and i talked about how much it would cost to repaint it


can i take a picture of you
centre for environmental structure - europe

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