let there be light

IMG_20180813_214549221.jpglet there be light xx electricity is magic that we can explain

progress in process

the timeless way in process xx highfield entrance 🖖❤🙂

highfield entrance

and i can prove all three

James Tillitt the artistic director of the astor community theatre is a liar an idiot and a thief and I can prove all three 🦍🖖

do you read Astor.pdf

ex libris the goobs at deal library

the feather thief had a bookplate blank and I couldn't help completing it

phone blogging the new workshop

sanjay is a really strong builder and ressurected a wood store

pandora credenza liberated from duloc

IMG_20180522_155514501.jpglizzie and chris helped dismantling it and everything
it reminded me of tillitt quote fuck me

camping in the living room

the train stopped at sandling but the doors didn't open so sam picked me up from westenhanger where i had time for a catch up with eco and they met on the phone

earlier belle made me some lovely eggs on toast and beans and dominique and rose delivered me to walmer

blogging from my sleeping bag at highfield

waiting for life at highfield to begin and being interrupt driven
and relax because it's all process and there is no benefit in hurrying it
rose is coming to stay the night which is rare these days

first night at st ann's road

the workshopgot here with enough light left to look around a bit but i cannot wait to get up and go look at all of the place again
sam took me for a dahl at the holy pundit in hythe
the workshop the possibilities the potential
they should have sent a poet 🙂🦍❤🖖🌍

love and science 🖖 beauty and truth

leonard simon nimoy introduced the vulcan hand gesture and greeting in the amok time episode of the original series of star trek
live long and prosper 🖖 with the canonical response being peace and long life
based on shin the 21st letter of the hebrew alphabet
this is the human version

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