feeling very content

Interrupt driven and out and about 🙂

but only for a short while

so collapse is coming but in the short while i need to make chopping boards xx heart emoji

add images here and possibly video

joining the 21st century

this from my first smartphone xx collapse is coming ☺

flamin snoob

snoobles in, snoobles everything and then snoobles off xx

holy shit, ivan illich on facebook



not quite the three japanese eggs but wonderfully done by belle

not quite there yet

next iteration toilet of the future

the toilet of the future has moved to the bathroom

noe admitted to being lazy and i need to tell him him how he became that way and that there may be a cure

there was a hole in the fourth bucket which caused a bit of a stink. teething problems

text to keep


what would it have been to be a philosopher queen xx i'm a poet and i don't know it xx bob just won a nobelle and his prose is terrible xx the physical contacts always sweet daughter o' mine

indian parcel

indian parcel

the two volume history of the khaksar movement came in the best parcel i have ever received. cloth bound and sewn up with wax seals, it was wonderfully packed inside as well

the toilet of the future

mum's eco commode

started using a humanure composting bucket underneath mum's commode a week ago. it's feasible for urban households if they have space for compost piles or a collection service. the toilet of the future is currently in the kitchen. on first use i was amazed by the complete lack of smell. it may be more hygienic than the actual flush toilet because there is no water involved. this in combination with a bidet would be my preference as someone with muslim toilet training. reading a history of toilets called sitting pretty whose initial title was the porcelain god. have ordered the toilet papers written by sim van der ryn a professor emeritus at berkeley

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